ผู้ผลิตเครื่องพ่นฝอยลมร้อน เครื่องทำแห้งแบบพ่นฝอย เครื่องทำแห้งแบบพ่นกระจาย (Spray Dryer) เครื่องพ่นฝอยอุณหภูมิต่ำ (Low Temperature Spray Dryer / Spray Chiller) เครื่องพ่นฝอยแบบเม็ด เครื่องทำแกรนูลหรือเครื่องทำให้เป็นเม็ดเล็กด้วยวิธีสเปร์ย (Spray Granulator), เครื่องอบแห้งโดยใช้ลมร้อน (Fluidised Bed Dryer), เครื่องสเปร์ยผง (Lab Spray Dryer, Mini Spray Dryer) เครื่องพ่นฝอยระดับอนุภาคนาโน (Nano Spray Dryer), ถังสกัด (Extraction Tank), เครื่องพ่นฝอยแบบสุญญากาศ (Vacuum Spray Dryer), เครื่องพ่นฝอยตัวทำละลายเคมี (Solvent Spray Dryer), Inert Loop Spray Dryer, Extruder Spheronizer, การทำแห้งแบบแช่เยือกแข็ง (Freeze Dryer) เครื่องฆ่าเชื้อผลิตภัณฑ์อาหารและเครื่องดื่ม (Mini UHT), การอบแห้ง โดยใช้ความร้อนภายใต้สุญญากาศ (Vacuum Belt Dryer), เครื่องทำสารให้เข้มข้น (Concentration Machine), เครื่องระเหยสารแบบเข้มข้น (Wiped Film Evaporator), เครื่องสกัดกาแฟ ชา (Coffee / Tea Extraction Machine), เครื่องสกัดสมุนไพรจากผลิตภัณพ์ธรรมชาติ (Lab & Pilot Scale Extraction Tank, Herb Extraction Machine Tank)


Pilotech Spray Drying Machine

Lab spray dryer

YC-500 Spray Dryer Mini Type For Laboratory

YC-500 Spray Dryer Mini Type For Laboratory, small size, length and width are less than 70MM, can be placed on the test bench, low power, only 1.5KW, single-phase power supply, can be customized 220V or 110V, in line with your laboratory power requirements. It can be equipped with a inert loop system for spray dryers for organic solvents, or a vacuum system for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials.

Nano spray drying machine

YC-015 Lab Spray Dryer

YC-015 laboratory spray dryer, simulation of industrial spray drying machine, which went on the market in 2005, has more than 3,000 users all over the world and has been well received by users. Integrated equipment design, built-in air compressor, air compressor storage tank material is SUS304 stainless steel, low noise design. Covering an area of less than 1 square meter, with a user-friendly design and easy operation, we have also recorded high-definition operation videos for you.

YC-1800 Low Temperature Spray Dryer

YC-1800 laboratory low temperature spray dryer is specially developed for the rapid drying of heat-sensitive
materials. The inlet air temperature is as low as 105 °C, and the outlet air temperature is as low as 60 °C. It can be used for spray drying of heat sensitive materials such as enzyme preparations, and sugary materials, which has a good drying effect and no sticking to the wall. The drying chamber adopts a mixed structure of stainless steel and high borosilicate glass, which is good for observing the experimental process and having a long service life.

Vacuum spray dryer

YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Drying Machine For Laboratory

YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Drying Machine For Laboratory combines the advantages of spray drying and vacuum drying. It has fast drying speed and low drying temperature. It realizes rapid drying of materials under low temperature conditions and is suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. We have a variety of specifications of laboratory vacuum spray dryers, 500ML/H, 1500ML/H, 3000ML/H.

YC501 -Inert Loop Spray Dryer detail

YC-501 Inert Loop Spray Dryer

YC-501 is used for the spray drying of water solution and organic solvent. It has a split-type design: the main machine of spray dryer, and the inert loop system. The main machine can be used separately for the drying of water solution, no nitrogen is needed for this. After connecting the nitrogen circulation system, it then can be used for the drying of organic solvent. The equipment covers less than 1 square meter, has a power of 2.5 KW and is easy to operate.


YC018 Ceramic Spray Dryer

YC-018 Ceramic Spray Dryer

YC-018 is a pilot spray dryer, it can deal as much as 4000ML/H. It has a relatively small volume and covers only 1 square meter, 100ML is enough for one experimental, and is suitable for lab and pilot specifications. YC-018 has a broad range of inlet air temperature, from 110°C to 350°C. It can adapt to different materials and has a maximum recovery rate of 92%. The experiment process can be observed through sight glass.



Why Pilotech Spray Drying Machine


· In China, Pilotech laboratory spray dryer’s market share is over 90%.

· Pilotech laboratory Spray Drying Machine has been exported to more than 3,500 users in more than 60 countries and regions.

· From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.

· A lot of papers on the Pilotech laboratory spray dryer can be consulted.


Pilotech Lab Spray Dryer

laboratory spray dryer

YC-500 Benchtop Spray Dryer

YC-500 has a bench design. The equipment can be installed on the laboratory furniture or can be put on ground, as needed. The power of YC-500 is only 1.5KW, it is only 80mm high, and the minimum material amount is 20ML, so it is very convenient for material preparation. YC-500 has a good expandability. You can add vacuum module and nitrogen circulation system module based on your needs in later stage, thus to adapt the spray drying of organic solvent and heat-sensitive materials.


YC-015 Lab Spray Dryer

Shanghai Pilotech Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. began to produce YC-015 lab spray dryers in 2005. So far, more than 3,000 YC-015 lab spray dryers have been used in laboratories around the world. The equipment is durable. The YC-015 lab spray dryer produced in 2005,2006 can still operate very well. You can search for many papers about YC-015 lab spray dryer on Google Scholar.

Lab Spray Dryer

YC-015A Solvent Spray Dryer

YC-015A has nitrogen circulation system inside, its treatment capacity is 1500ML/H, and 30ML is enough for one experimental. It is a lab scale organic solvent spray dryer, and can be used for the drying of water solution and organic solvent. YC-015A has PLC control, touch-screen operation, English screen interaction. Clips are used to connect the cyclone separator in the drying chamber, so it is easy to assemble.

Lab Spray Dryer

YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Dryer

The lowest inlet air temperature of YC-2000 Vacuum Spray Dryer is 50°C. It can be used for drying materials that cannot be dried by traditional spray dryer, such as probiotic enzyme. Materials after drying can remain biological activity. It can also be used to dry heat-sensitive materials such as polymer materials.



Why Pilotech lab spray dryer?


· Pilotech have been manufacturing lab spray dryers for over 20 years.

· Pilotech lab Spray Dryer has more than 3,500 satisfied customers in more than 60 countries.

· From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.

· You can discover our lab spray dryer outstanding efficiency and flexibility.


Pilotech Mini Spray Dryer

YC015 mini spray dryer

YC015 Nano Spray Dryer

Shanghai Pilotech started to produce YC-015 mini spray dryer since 2005. The design idea is ‘small volume, low noise, low power and easy operation’. It is less than 1 square meter, the noise is lower than 60 DB, and the power is 3.5KW. The drying chamber uses borosilicate glass so that it is easy to observe experiment. YC-015 uses touch-screen operation. One can adjust parameters during experiment at any time. The glass components are connected with clips and is easy for operation.

yc018A inert loop mini spray dryer

YC018A Inert Loop Mini Spray Dryer

YC-018A inert loop spray dryer, pilot scale spray dryer for organic solvents, with a processing capacity of 3500ML/H. But 100ML materials are also enough for completing an experiment. Small size, covering only 2 square meters. Low power, the host power is only 5.5KW. Low  noise, below 50DB. The touch screen is fully automatic and easy to operate. It can be used for spray drying of most organic solvents.




Why Pilotech mini spray dryer?


·  A simple and effective lab spray dryer for product research and development.

· With over 20 years of continual development, Pilotech lab spray dryer is world renowned for our quality and reliability.

· From bench spray dryer to pilot scale spray dryer, from aqueous solutions to organic solvents, complete specifications.

· You can discover our lab spray dryer outstanding efficiency and flexibility.


Pilotech Spray Granulator

YC310 Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer

YC310 Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer

YC-310Lab Scale Fluid Bed Dryer is suitable for the treatment of limited volume of materials which require high accuracy of temperature and time. It is able to deal with particles size of which can be as small as 5 microns. High-speed air flow provides efficient heat exchange, which enables faster and more even drying efficiency than ovens, microwaves and the vacuum drying, and it incurs no losses at the same time. The drying is generally completed within ten minutes. It can be used for sample pretreatment prior to particle size analysis, and for the rapid drying of Pharmaceuticals, chemicals (such as resin granule), foods (such as starch) and minerals.


YC1000 Laboratory Granulator

YC1000 Laboratory Granulator

YC-1000 Laboratory Granulator is a fluidized bed spray granulator. The innovation and the unique design enable the equipment to possess the functions of spray drying, fluidized bed drying, spray granulation and spray coating. Spray drying is performed at low temperature, and it is suitable for heat sensitive materials and sugary materials. The spray granulation features a unique back-flushing design which delivers high yield rate of materials.


YC03 Fluid Bed Processor

YC03 Fluid Bed Processor

YC-03 Fluid Bed Processor is a pilot fluidized bed granulation coating machine. The processing capacity includes 3KG/batch and 5KG/batch. The equipment is divided into the categories of top spray, bottom spray and side spray. The top spray includes two spray heads, which can be switched online. It is suitable for particles of different sizes. The blower has the function of three-stage purification, which is in line with GMP regulations.


Spray Granulator operation

Why Pilotech Spray Granulator?


· In China, the Pilotech laboratory spray granulator has always been the first choice for university researchers.

·  The Pilotech spray granulator features excellent adaptability, and it is suitable for the treatment of different materials. It also functions very well on sugary materials.

· The Pilotech spray granulator is small in size, easy to install and maintain, and the use cost is pretty cheap.

· The Pilotech spray granulator delivers stable performances. It is able to ensure consistent and stable results of the experiment conducted through the same process.


YC910-1-Extruder Spheronizer­­­­­YC910-3-Extruder Spheronizer Granule

YC-910 Extruder Spheronizer

  • One machine with multiple functions: Extrusion, spheronization, granulation, drying, coating.
  • Built-in ice water unit, cooling the extrusion screw and cylinder at the same time, reducing the material temperature, effectively preventing material denaturation caused by extrusion heating. 
  • Replacing the spheronization disc for the pellet side spray coating.
  • In line with GMP regulations, process parameters are automatically controlled by PLC, all data is automatically stored online, and can be exported by USB flash disk.

1-Lab Freeze Dryer quick method

YC-3000 Lab Freeze Dryer

  • New laboratory freeze dryer with fast drying speed, the shortest time only needs 3-5 hours.
  • The dried material is powder, the particles are uniform, there is no need to be pulverized again.
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the dried materials will not be denaturation.
  • The dried materials have good solubility and fluidity.


YC02-2-mini UHT Sterilizer

YC-02 Mini UHT Sterilizer for Milk & Beverage

  • Complete simulation of ultra-high temperature sterilization of dairy and beverage production in the laboratory
  • Processing capacity is 20L/H, the minimum material volume is 35L.
  • Experimental data can be copied directly to a USB flash disk.
  • Used by more than 500 university research institutes and dairy & beverage companies in the world.


YC210 Wiped Film Evaporator

YC-210 Wiped Film Evaporator for Food & biological product

  • It’s a new type of Wiped Film Evaporator – Flash Evaporator, and it is usually used in laboratories to replace rotary evaporators. Because of its non-stop input and output of materials, the equipment is more efficient and can be used in more circumstances.
  • It is used for efficient, quick concentration of heat-sensitive materials.
  • It has a simple structure that is very stable and reliable. Staff at the labs can comfortably operate it with only one hand.
  • It requires a very short concentration time (less than 30 seconds), which means the materials are heated only for a short time, so it’s really suitable for heat-sensitive materials.


vacuum belt dryer 2

Vacuum Belt Dryer Series

  • 20 years experience in Vacuum Belt Dryer(VBD)
  • Has a professional technical R&D team,specialized in researching and developing advanced Vacuum Belt Dryer(VBD)
  • Many patents for Vacuum Belt Dryer(VBD)
  • Over 500 sets Vacuum Belt Dryer(VBD) around the world; 
  • GMP standards


Pilotech Lab & Pilot Scale Extraction Tank

YC-010 -1 Extraction Equipment

YC-010 Extraction Equipment

The YC-010 extraction equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, or you can also select the equipment made of SUS316L stainless steel. The system adopts the design that the tank serves as both the extraction tank and the concentration tank. This design occupies a smaller area, and both the extraction and concentration will be performed at low temperature and reduced pressure. This will minimize the effects of high temperature
on the active ingredients of the material. The equipment features stable temperature control and high extraction efficiency.

YC-020 -1 - Solvent Extraction Equipment

YC-020 Solvent Extraction Equipment

YC-020 Solvent Extraction Equipmentthe effective volume of the extraction tank and the concentration tank is both 20L; raw material feed is 0.3-5KG/batch. The tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with built-in low-noise vacuum pump also of SUS304 material. Its temperature accuracy reaches ±2°C. The equipment only takes up 1.5m2. Residues are lifted in the basket and discharged. We also support customization of 5L, 10L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L and other sizes.


yc-030 -1 pilotech Concentration Machine

YC-030 Pilotech Concentration Machine

The YC-030 concentration Machine is a vacuum concentration tank of high-efficiency. It is suitable for the low-temperature concentration of the extracting solution of Chinese medicine, fruits and tea. It is equipped with the vacuum device. It performs the concentration at a low temperature. The material in contact with the extracting solution is SUS304 stainless steel, which is in line with the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

YC050 -1 -Coffee Extraction Machine

YC050 Coffee Extraction Machine

YC-050 coffee extraction machine: the effective volume of the extraction tank is 50L and the concentration tank 30L (customizable); raw material feed is 2-10KG/batch; extraction and concentration temperature to be set in advance to meet low-temperature vacuum extraction and  concentration requires, high-temperature extraction, percolation extraction, volatile aromatic oil collection, etc.

YC080-1- Pilotech Herb Extraction Machine Tank

YC080 Pilotech Herb Extraction Machine Tank

The YC-080 Herb Extraction Machine is a pilot multifunctional extraction equipment. It is suitable for the extraction and low-temperature concentration of natural products and Chinese medicines, as well as the recovery of volatile aromatic oils. It is equipped with the SUS304 stainless steel vacuum pump and adopts the unique noise reduction design.


YC100-1- Pilotech Tea Extraction Machine

YC100 Pilotech Tea Extraction Machine

YC-100 tea extraction machine: used for efficient tea juice extraction and concentration in the lab or pilot workshop, also applicable to extraction of traditional Chinese medicine or other natural products. The effective volume of the extraction tank is 100L. The equipment is integrated on the bracket, wheeled and movable, with SUS304 stainless steel tank and vacuum pump. We also support customization of 5L, 10L, 20L,30L, 50L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L and other sizes.


YC120-1-Pilotech Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

YC120 Pilotech Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine

YC-120 Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine: suitable for vacuum extraction, percolation extraction, dynamic extraction, low-temperature vacuum concentration of herbal medicine, natural products, healthcare products, cosmetics and food and volatile aromatic oil collection. It provides 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L and other sizes.


YC150-1- Perfume Extraction Equipment

YC150 Perfume Extraction Equipment

YC-150 perfume extraction equipment: applicable to efficient extraction of both perfume ingredients in the cosmetics industry and natural products in TCM and food industries. Equipment Components: extraction tank, concentration tank (optional), condenser, oil-water separator, defrother, etc. Equipment size is customizable from lab size to pilot production size as needed.


YC200 Plant Extraction Machine

YC200 Plant Extraction Machine

YC-200 plant extraction machine: varied sizes from lab to pilot production, down to 5L and up to 1000L. It has been widely used in food, pharmacy, biology and cosmetics industries. The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel in accordance with GMP specifications, highly integrated, easy to install and operate.


Multi-functional Extracting Tank

Why Pilotech Extraction tank

·  Pilotech have been over 20 years for manufacturing extracting tank.

·  All extracting tanks we manufactured are easy to install and operate.

·  From lab scale extracting tank to pilot scale extracting tank, complete specifications.

·  Our extracting tank have many functions: vacuum extraction, percolation extraction, dynamic extraction, low-temperature vacuum concentration